Interior Design Options And Ideas

When you want to design your own room or practice your skills for attending the best interior design schools, you should think about using your favorite interior design magazines for inspiration. Here you can use entire elements or just a few things that stand out to you. The best way that you can learn to become a great interior designer is to have some great interior designing magazines at your fingertips. This will not only give you inspiration from other designers, but you can also learn about how to apply these ideas to your designs. With your favorite interior design magazines you will have access to the best furniture as well as fabrics and accessories to create that minimalist style, retro look, or other styles that you like.

A Sense Of Style

When you want to redesign or redecorate your home and you have some ideas that you think are great you should go ahead and do them. There are no hard and fast rules about interior design that you have to follow, but you do have to adopt a sense of style and follow one or two guidelines that will help you to make your design a good one as opposed to just placing furniture around just anywhere and choosing just any old colors and fabrics. You have to learn that there are some things that work and others that just don’t work.


Interior Design College

Sometimes this is done through trial and error and having a good eye, but you will also find that you can learn some of these things at your interior design college. You can even start out designing your own home on computer which will give you all the correct dimensions that you will need when you are designing. This kind of program can be very useful when you want to start out in interior design, but also when you just want to try your hand at it. If you find that you have some skills then you can perhaps think about changing your career choice and taking an interior design course to learn more and become a professional.

Great Ideas

When you look at interior designing magazines you will get all kinds of good ideas about where to place furniture, how to use colors and patterns in a room, and what accessories you can play around with. Sometimes there are things that work and sometimes there are things that don’t work. You should try to use the magazines to get some ideas but to also get tips about colors and working with patterns in a home.

Some people are afraid to use color and patterns in interior design, but there are ways that you can do it so that it looks professional and well put together. One of these important elements is to use patterns from the same color pallet as the main color you choose. For example, don’t use red as the main color in a room and then use blue as the patterned fabric. Rather stick to the same shades and you can learn this in your favorite interior design magazines.


Art Deco Design

The spark of art deco interior design is its opulent use of geometric shapes with sweeping curves and unique art forms. Designed to reflect the unfathomable riches of nature, a science ever reinventing itself and mans primal civilizations and cultures now found in swatches displayed in world museums. Imagine custom made furniture appropriately touched by inlaid furniture. A piece of an antique wall clock patterned, sized and shaped in an exceptional fashion and elegant room designs so vivid, so discernible and so unforgettable. This is the lavishness of art deco interior design.

The History

Architecture’s tales is an eventful tale seeming even more eventful when the likes of Adolphe, Erte and Cassandre stood in the podium to shape the art of designing things. This was in the 1930’s when art deco took the world of design by surprise. The history of design before these was dominated by Art Nouveau with its abundant use of female imagery, Tiffany lamps and natural forms. But art deco was quite revolutionary incorporating the use of geometric shapes, unique materials and varied art styles influenced by development in ballistics, aviation, automotive industries and cultures thought the world. The deco movement was popular from 1920-1930 where it dominated interior design, architecture, jewelry, fashion and other fields of art. It resurged a bit in the 1950’s but today it’s still popular design art schools.

Different Ideas

Art deco interior design brings an array of inimitable influences from Persian rags, Greco-Roman classical designs, Mexican art and Babylonian era art to your interiors. The ideas are vast on how you can custom make your house using this design. You can incorporate antique furniture from the 30’s when art deco movement was at its peak. Still in your choice of furniture you may like streamlined furniture pieces with curved fronts, clean lines and mirrors. Abundant use of glass like glass tables is also a feature of this design. Influences of this hi- tech age wont miss when you are designing you house using this art. From skyscrapers, cars, radio and computers they is a way a skilled designer in these art can bring it out in a house interiors. Every day items from the utensils we use, pencils, bags and refrigerators can shape a houses interior design. Since the birth of the movement of the streamline design a feature of art deco started, anything can be an inspiration to an attractive design. This movement started when Chrysler produced a car in 1933 with an airflow design.

A house’s interior is completely transformed by art deco design mainly because of the designer’s freedom to employ the use of varied materials. Materials that can be used include aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer, inlaid wood, shagreen and many other options. Design elements can also include Zebras skin, antique sculpture and furniture. To find antique art deco items you can visit studios such as Echo of Deco in Britain online. Useful resources concerning this art can also be found online or in the portfolios of the best art schools. This diverse form of modern design gives power and aesthetics to a houses interior design.