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Industrial Design: Innovate and Create

There has always been a distinction between science and art but if you look at it close enough you would find that there is much innovation and creativity that goes into science and math. The realm of innovation has not left anything around us untouched and it will continue to be so. The subject of industrial design is an intriguing one and if you go deep into it, there are some wonderful formulas and implementations to be found.

Industrial design has moved from sheets of papers to a plethora of design tools on the computer and it is now possible to design prototypes of almost everything on computers. The prototypes help manufacturers and innovators understand if the product can be made better and if the experience can be bettered. A thing as simple as a balance bike has undergone subtle changes from the nineties to help kids practice balancing. As much as a change in the center of gravity can make a world of difference to a balance bike.

If you’re one for innovation, you would appreciate the science behind designing. Modern terms like UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) have also crept into the concept of industrial design and with proper knowledge of UI and UX, you can make a product as user friendly as possible. A good design ensures good functionality. There was a time when functionality was treated as a separate entity but today the mélange of concepts of functionality and design have combined to form a bigger entity that gives the world better products to use which further help make life simpler at so many levels.

If you’re looking to get into the field of industrial design, a very basic skill you would require would be sketching. If you can sketch well, you can work in the field and succeed. Having said that, there are plenty of men and women who are terrible at sketching but still work in the field. The weapon for these people is the power to visualize. If you can visualize, you can conceptualize and put the designers to work by communicating with them. In the world of design, the ability to visualize is highly regarded and that is why most courses focus on helping you develop your visualization skills.

If you have a natural knack for imagining beyond the usual, you would make a good industrial designer and with experience, you would be able to hone your skills to create better products and designs.


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